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 Character Building Restrictions WIP

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PostSubject: Character Building Restrictions WIP   Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:25 am

Building Restrictions

On this site, your character can become quite powerful with the right jutsu and techniques. However, each character on Naruto Champions, must follow the "Five Human Limitation Laws". Lets just call it, the "Five Restricts" for short...

Five Restricts

When creating your character, you are allowed five special properties about you, that define who you are. These properties include special jutsu, bloodlines, special elements and Bijuu. Clan techniques don't count towards the Five restricts, only the bloodline itself. As for the special elements, they too, take up a slot, like Lava release for example, or even Ice release. Basically, any element that is outside the five basic elements, water, earth, fire, wind, and lightning, take up a space. For example, when you create a character, with a tie to a clan, you automatically use up a slot in your Five restricts, leaving you four more to go. This is to prevent others from going to crazy with special jutsu, and hording an obscene amount of bloodlines.

Character Stats

You are given a certain amount of stat points when creating your character, it all depends on what rank you start with. You will never start at S rank, unless you are allowed to do so with a special award, or compensation. The max stats you are allowed to have is 600, with 200 being the limit in each section. You cannot create any technique, item, or even bloodline that increases one of the four main stat sections. You can use jutsu that to boost other jutsu, but no stat boosting jutsu. The others however, you may do so. The stat sections in green, represent the main stats, that cannot be increased at all.

E rank - Academy Student: 120
D rank - Genin: 160
C rank - Chuunin: 200
B rank - Jounin: 240
A rank - Swordsman: 280
S Rank - Kage: 320

Constitution: Determines how much damage you can take. This stat only works against physical attack damage, such as kicks, throws, concussive blast waves, etc. However, things such as fire, poison, jutsu, can bypass this is they happen to come into contact with you. For weapons, blades can cut right through you.  
Intelligence:   This determines how much jutsu you can use in one post, it is divided up into tiers really. Continuous jutsu, techniques that last more than one post, counts towards the intelligence stat as well, so bare that in mind when using jutsu.
1 - 50 = 2
50 - 100= 4
100 - up= 5
200 = 7
Chakra:   This stat works as a bar, allowing you to pay the price of a jutsu in order to activate it. Like the Intelligence stat, it is also divided up into tiers.
1 - 50 = 500
50 - 100 = 700
100 - 150 = 900
150 - 200 = 1100    
Speed: This stats will tell you how fast you character can move, which includes hand speed, sight perception, and chakra sensing speed.
Strength: This stat is self explanatory, the stronger you are, the better chance of you being able to over power someone.
Chakra Control: WIP
Charisma: For every ninja you fight with, who is on your team, your jutsu will gain a bonus. the bonus amount depends on your charisma level.
1 - 50 = 5
50 - 100 = 10
100 - 150 = 15
150 - 200 = 20
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Character Building Restrictions WIP
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